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BW1503 Red Whit Blue

Red - This is the most popular American color cake series with red peony mine in every shot to red coco tail red coco red plum blossom & red glitter willow & red spider crackling alternately.

White - white glitter mine silver coco tail in every shot with silver coco white glitter & white glitter mine & silver coco crackling & silver strobe white glitter mine & sivler coco chrys.

Blue - blue peony mine in every shot to blue tail blue dahlia gold glitter & blue peony gold coco & blue peony crackling alternately.

Packing: 1/3

CBM: 0.082


World Class,Megabanger,BIG,AAH,Brothers,Black Cat,Shogun,All Stars,Grizzly,Cannon,Winda,Beihai,TNT,Phantom,Reloadable Mortars,Halloween,Easter