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BW2025 BANG BANG 6" Double break Canisters

6" Canister Shells

1.red blue brocade crown+red blue crackling

2.ti gold coco gold glitter crackling+brocade crown white glitter crackling

3.red blue purple green dahlia silver plum+red blue purple green dahlia silver gold plum


5.flower crown blue stars+flower crown purple stars

6.red white plum+gold white plum

7.purple blue gold glitter+purple green gold plum

8.ti gold coco to color+brocade to white glitter

9.gold ti chrys gold glitter+silver ti chrys white glitter

10.red coco silver plum+green coco gold plum

11.purple green coco gold glitter+red orange coco chrys

12.brocade coco gold plum+ti gold coco white plum

Packing: 3/4/6

CBM: 0.113 


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